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The Power of Love
From the greek roots Philos (love) and kratos (power, rule)

Philocracy is a system of governance that delegates responsibility to those who can demonstrate conscious love.

Just as we would not want to learn skiing from someone who can't ski or let someone with no financial background manage our money, we should not ask those who do not love people to manage them, or those who are unaware of nature to decide its fate.

As a society we love to evaluate mental and physical skills like cooking, running, intelligence and music yet when it comes to maturity we resist evaluation assuming that only external qualities can be assessed objectively. We therefore must also assume, despite all evidence to the contrary, that maturity automatically follows physical age and that every adult in body is also mature. We make it mandatory to measure the math level for third grade but not the wisdom of our leaders...

By evaluating what someone is capable of seeing and loving we can easily determine their sphere of wisdom. If you don't enjoy children, you should not teach kindergarten and if you can't "see" trees, you should not manage nature. If you don't love diversity, you should not have international power and if you do not understand people, you should not practice justice.