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Possible structure

To be sustainable a community uses the diversity of individuals to form the structure, like different types of cells form organs in our body. These organs form the layers of decision making. When done with full awareness, it can be fluid and flexible system, without losing stability. Each individual finds their place in the community by their desire and their skills. Having both ensures that people are in alignment with the community intention, without making it arbitrary.

The holders of the community intent, demonstrating by their way of life maturity, awareness, balance, harmony and love. Elders demonstrate and facilitate the win-win paradigm at each level.

Manage community operations, and demonstrate awareness in their particular area awareness (knowledge, art, healing, management, listening etc.). They form the foundation of what the community offers to the outside world.

Keep the community functioning, through their loving work, while learning and practicing their own path to awareness.

Guests flow through the community, participating in the offerings, while following the basic rules and guidelines of the community.